Spa Services

Spa: Dead Sea Express Facial  30 mins  $45
Want a facial but think you don't have the time? Come by for a quick Express Facial that includes a masque that will turn back time!

Spa: Dead Sea Mud Wrap  1 hr 45 mins  $120
The Dead Sea contains minerals that can draw toxins from the body, reduce water weight and even lessen the appearance of cellulite. Why wouldn't you want to be wrapped up in it for a while. Well, using mud from this glorious body of water, I will cover you in it's benefits and you'll see results! Followed by a shower with a Dead Sea Mineral Bar and shampoo and conditioner containing minerals from the Dead Sea you'll feel like you went for a swim in Jericho! Don't miss this experience. Ladies, follow up this service with blowout and style before you go!


Spa: Dead Sea Salt Foot Treatment  30 mins  $20
Soaks and scrubs infused with Dead Sea salts and minerals will wash away dead skin and purify the healthy skin left behind. Your feet will be ready for Spring, Summer and Sandals after this treatment!

Spa: Dead Sea Salt Hand Treatment  30 mins  $18
Using salts and minerals from the Dead Sea, dead skin will be washed from your hands and fingers. The years will be too! Followed up by a paraffin dip and an all natural manicure and nail shine that will relax you and your tired hands.

Spa: Renewal Peel  30 mins  $85
Jump start your skin's own natural youth processing center. Peels, whether chemical or enzymatic, are the best way to do just that. By removing dead skin cells, new skin cells are automatically generated and new skin cells mean new skin. The only thing that can result is youthful glowing younger skin. Come by for a peel and find out what all the fuss is about!

Wax-Arms  30 mins  $25
Wrists to shoulders

Wax-Brazilian  30 mins  $75
Ladies and Mens! Bikini and beyond. Everything front to back (unless you want a little bit left)

Wax-Brow  30 mins  $20
Come in have your brows sculpted and shaped! Brow Shaping 101 class starts right here. I can train your brows into shape and teach you how to fill or shape your brows at home too!

Wax-Chin  15 mins  $7

Wax-Feet and Toes  20 mins  $10

Wax-Fingers and Hands  20 mins  $10

Wax-Full Face  30 mins  $35

Wax-Leg  30 mins  $45

Wax-Lip  15 mins $12

Wax-Men's Back  45 mins  $45

Wax-Men's Chest  45 mins $40

Wax-Men's Shoulders  30 mins $25